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What are data feeds?

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“What are data feeds” is a question that many will ask when they first encounter the concept. Data feeds are the same as product feeds and are used in several different respects. Therefore, asking “what is data feeds” is also an important question for your business, as using these feeds can yield many positive results.

Data feeds are important for e-commerce. So, the short answer to “what is data feeds” is: it is a file type (CSV, TXT, or XML) that contains product information. This might sound dry, but there are many beneficial ways to use data feeds. In addition to the question of what data feeds are used for, it’s also about how they should be utilized.

These feeds are also called e-commerce feeds and are used by various services such as Google, Pricerunner, or eBay to obtain accurate product information. They will then implement this information on their websites, which typically consist of lists. In terms of internet visibility, data feeds are therefore of great importance. By understanding what data feeds are and implementing them correctly, you can make your products more visible on other websites’ lists, creating more sales for the company, as you can reach more potential customers with information about your products.

The different types of data feeds

Different types of data feeds. So, have we definitively answered the question of what data feeds are? Not quite, as there are several different types of these. An example is with Google, where it is required that each product has a GTIN attached, which stands for Global Trade Item Number. Google uses GTIN in this context to ensure that the product information enters their systems correctly. This is also extremely important for you, as you want your products to be listed correctly with Google. As a search engine, Google is still the most popular in the Western world, so the more accurately the information is listed on Google’s platforms, the better.

Get help creating your feeds from WakeupData. When it comes to mastering data feeds, it’s about adjusting them for each platform. What data feeds are about, therefore, is context. The example with Google above illustrates this. At each place, there may be specific requirements for the format that a data feed must contain. At WakeupData, you can get important help to adapt your data feeds so your products can gain much greater visibility online. This will positively impact revenue and exposure.

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