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I love shopping in town, there are so many shopping opportunities in Aalborg. For me it’s very important what vibe and atmosphere the shop has, as it just adds so much to the experience.

Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite shopping spots outside the big shopping centers.

The ones where I have always had great shopping experience at and got my needs covered. If you are going for a day of shopping, definitely worth checking these out!

Moss Copenhagen

The physical shop of Moss Copenhagen is just gorgeous! I love this place. They have a great vibe in the store and the interior design is really beautiful. A raw, minimalistic, urban look that really fits the clothing line. Most of the pieces are way out of my budget, but I love getting inspiration from there.

You can get everything you need if you are going for the scandinavian minimalistic look. You can literally shop every outfit piece, lingerie, outerwear, jewellery, shoes… They have it all.

Moss Copenhagen
Algade 14

Huset Pico

Another favourite fashion store is Huset Pico.

I discovered it quite recently actually as I didn’t know what kind of clothing they offered, and I was left with the impression it was targeted to an older audience. Oh, I was so wrong. They have so many gorgeous pieces.

The shop itself looks really chic and the staff are very well educated when it comes to all the brands and you can easily talk fashion and get advice. I really like this place. It has beautiful designer pieces you can’t find anywhere else in town!

Huset Pico
Slotsgade 2


This one is not fashion related, but have you tried Helsam before? They opened not so long ago and introduced so many new interesting, organic brands to town (or at least to me 😀 ).

I love essential oils and there are so many ways you can use them. Helsam has a great oil selection and it’s all organic. I also get my Goji Berries from there. In general they have a great selection of organic products, really worth checking out if you haven’t!

Boulevarden 14


Almost all of my accessories and jewellery are from Glitter. I really love this place. Great pieces and perfect if you are on a budget! They change their collections constantly so you get introduced to new pieces all the time that go with the current trends. You can get anything for an everyday look or a glam event.

Another thing I really like about this store, is their monthly, free of charge magazine. It’s pretty good. They have some smart tips and tricks, but mainly I use it to read some Danish and look at pretty pictures.

Algade 4

Kalejdoskop & Sinnerup

When it comes to interior and home decor, my all time favorite has to be Kalejdoskop, but now that Sinnerup opened I would say it’s both. I am really no home maker, and I don’t even try. But I love looking at beautiful set ups and I really appreciate Scandinavian minimalism in interior design. Those two stores have the most beautiful minimalistic set ups I have ever seen.

Østerågade 27

Nytorv 18

Hope you enjoyed this short article. Talk to you later and happy shopping!

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