11 things I found strange about Denmark when I first arrived

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Hey, hope everyone is well! It has been a long time since I posted anything, but I have been so busy with a new job and exams. But today I felt like sharing a short fun article on some of the things I found funny/strange when I first came to Denmark.




It’s probably the most obvious one, but I cannot stress enough on how different this is from I came from. It’s so different that when I first arrived I would just walk freely on the bike lane, like a complete jerk #tourist. Danes will bike, winter or summer, snow or rain. And now I do it too! It’s not my favorite, but it’s doable, and I could never imagine doing something like that before.

2.The flag

The fact that the Danish flag is included in almost every sort of celebration. It’s really nice to see how much national pride Danes have. But what I found funny was the overuse of it when it comes to birthdays. Flag in front of the door, paper cups with flags on them, flag napkins, flags on the cake, flag inspired cake most likely, flag sprinkles, flag candles! I love it! Also now I have learned that the only way to pick someone from the airport is with flags, you don’t bring flags, better stay home.

3. Fitness & Health

It might sound super ridiculous to some, but when I first came to Denmark, I remember I had days where I would “count how many people run outside”. It’s definitely not something very popular in Bulgaria. Yeah, we do run, but in the park. Here people run everywhere, and it’s acceptable and it’s awesome! The only way it should be :). The Danish general health & fitness culture was absolutely inspiring (still is) and fascinating to me.

4. Cinnamon shower

This is by far, the most bizarre Danish tradition I have encountered and I love it! It’s so mind-blowing to me it has successfully kept its authenticity over the years, and up to today, people are still doing it. In case you don’t know what it is, it’s literally a spice shower for the unmarried man or women on their 25th birthday. You don’t want to know what happens if you hit 30 and you are not married! You can try google “pebersvend” .

5. Girls wear black, a LOT.

And everyone looks so stylish. The Scandinavian nations in general, I have realized, have an amazing sense of style and fashion. Streets look like a minimalistic fashion show. But at first, it was so weird to me, everyone was wearing skinny black jeans, most likely destroyed Converse (5 years ago) and a black jacket, no colors allowed.

6. Greenland people are not to be called Eskimos!

I had no idea it was offensive :X. But here I learned you just call people from Greenland, Greenland people. And “Eskimo” is borderline racist. Thankfully they are a really sweet nation, so I haven’t gotten in any trouble yet.

7.The wind

The wind always blows in your face. No matter where you are going, what direction you are taking, it will be blowing in your face. But don’t worry, 5 years later I almost don’t notice it :D.

8.Casual hair

Scandinavian girls have mastered the “casual bun” hairstyle! And they make it look so effortless and easy, which is not, trust me, I have tried.  It’s some sort of Scandinavian magic only Vikings are capable of.

9.Drinking games
Oh boy, do Danes love their drinking games! It’s very unpopular concept in Bulgaria, while here there are all sorts of creative ways to get drunk 😀 . Back in Sofia we will just chit chat, dance, maybe eat while drinking, here the possibilities of keeping your drinking super entertaining and action packed are unlimited!

10.Everyone is tall

Okay not everyone, but the majority. And I mention that only because at home I used to feel like a giant (m.1.71). I was the tallest girl in my class, much taller than some boys even. And here not only that I am pretty normal size, most people are way taller than me 😀 ! Love it!


“You just need to try” Is what people would tell me for that lumpy, yellow, weird looking salad dressing? And I did, and oh my, I loved it! Nothing like fiskefilet med remoulade :D.


Okay that was it with my short entry for today, hope you enjoyed, hope some related and I am looking forward to hear what you think :)! Have a great day and talk to you soon!


Veronicca Blogger: Live Jazz Brunch in Aalborg – New favorite thing to do in town

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Hey guys, hope you are well! Today I wanted to share the great experience I had yesterday at Musikkens Spisehus where I enjoyed my first live jazz brunch :).
 Aalborg Lifestyle Blogger - Veronicca Popova Experience Aalborg - Aalborg Blogger Veronicca Popova
Live jazz brunch is a pretty popular concept in America, especially in New York, but you don’t see it very often in Aalborg. I am pretty sure Musikkens Spisehus are the first one to bring the concept to town, and I am so grateful I checked their website in time to catch it!
I am a pretty big fan of jazz music, and live performances are a pure bliss. Now take this, add brunch and beautiful view of the fjord, and we got ourselves a perfect Saturday scenario that cannot be missed.
The live jazz brunch was brought into light by Musikkens Spisehus with the name “Fjordjazz Lørdag” and will happen for a very limited time only. Four Saturdays of July you can enjoy delicious brunch with the sounds of sweet live jazz music.

Experience Aalborg - Aalborg Blogger Veronicca Popova

It was my first live jazz brunch experience and I absolutely loved it! I feel so privileged that I was able to experience those talented musicians while enjoying delicious food with the view of the fjord. It’s really something special. Jazz music, in general, has great influence on me. Everything about jazz from the melody, the harmony, the rhythm I find so unique and complex, it’s just quality music.

Brunch In Aalborg - Aalborg lifestyle blogger Veronicca Popova Experience Aalborg - Aalborg Blogger Veronicca Popova

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger from AalborgExperience Aalborg - Aalborg Blogger Veronicca Popova

Brunch In Aalborg - Aalborg lifestyle blogger Veronicca Popova

We enjoyed the performance of Lasse Sandkamm And Mai Skytte. Their style was rather contemporary, colorful and without any doubt, beautiful. They are both experienced jazz performers and Lasse was awarded Nordjyske Jazz Artist of the Year in 2016. Mai has amazing, angelic voice and they make a great duo with a lot of chemistry. Not sure if they are a couple in life, but they could definitely be. In general great musicians, with a lot of passion and good technique.

The program starts at 10:30 and runs until 14:00. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is into jazz. Really wonderful experience. It’s running next Saturday and the one after that with different artists. Make sure to book a table in good time! 🙂
You can check Musikkens Hus’ website to keep updated about the events 🙂

  Aalborg lifestyle, travel blogger Veronicca Popova

I have talked about Musikkens Spisehus brunch before, and not much has changed since then, it’s still one of my favorites in town. Last time I tried it, I was still a vegetarian, so yesterday I got a little bit more different menu with meat. Still very enjoyable and the diversity is great. There are some updates on the menu but their iconic homemade Nutella, eggs, and salmon are still there, thankfully.

Aalborg lifestyle, travel blogger Veronicca Popova

Brunch In Aalborg - Aalborg lifestyle blogger Veronicca Popova   

That was it for today’s entry. Hope you enjoyed this short post and it gave you some ideas on what to do next weekend! Live jazz brunch is really something, and I hope you get to experience it :).

Musikkens Spisehus AAlborg - Lifestyle Blogger Veronicca Popova
Thanks for stopping by, have a great Sunday and talk to you later!


Veroniccas Aalborg-blog: Skin journey with Aalborg Beauty

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Nikki and her newest addition to the team!
Nikki and her newest addition to the team!

Today I am very excited to share that I have decided to start an actual skin treatment to improve my breakouts/acne.

I have had skin issues for as long as I can remember. I used to have a lot of breakouts as a teen which cleared up significantly in my early twenties.

I have never had very serious deep breakouts, but still pretty angry ones that cause discomfort and leave scarring!

About 2 years ago I decided to start on the p-pill which worsened my skin a lot and unlocked my breakouts again.

I quit the pill after a year and my skin instantly improved quite a bit, but still, my breakouts were way worse than before.I usually will get pimples around my jawline or cheekbones.

It’s the kind of breakouts that come and go, and come and go. If you know what I am talking about, you know how frustrating it can be.

I have tried all sorts of products with almost the same unsatisfying results every time. I am, however, always excited to try new things and see how they work.

So I am going to do a treatment with Aalborg Beauty clinic using their line of products Nimue. It’s a long process, and I am super excited about it!

Aalborg Beauty Clinic

First things first, let me tell you about my experience with the clinic. When I first went there to have a talk about my situation, I was absolutely blown away by the owner and creator Nikki ( who also practices there).

She is one of the most amazing and inspiring people I have met in awhile. She is definitely my kind of person, and we clicked instantly. Personality wise she is super sassy, bubbly and charming person, with great communication skills.

But most importantly, she is so full of knowledge, she is an absolute expert in her area. In an instant, she busted most of my beauty routines, with an actual scientific explanation of why and how they could be damaging and harmful to my skin.

I love talking about beauty, skin care, beauty products and treatments and it was a privilege to speak with someone so well educated and passionate about it.

I am feeling so inspired and so excited, and even if this treatment doesn’t work as we are planning which of course is very possible, I am so looking forward to doing it. I hope you follow along and I will keep you updated throughout all the steps of the treatment with actual before/after photos 🙂 .

How the treatment is going to go;

In order for the treatment to start, we need to prepare my skin. We need to make sure, that my skin is strengthened and hydrated enough in depth to be able to handle a more aggressive approach which is treating it with fruit acid.

I am starting a new morning and evening routine, that is meant to prepare the skin for the actual treatment. In the next 21 days, I will be using only the products from Nimue that I got at the salon.

It’s a line created specifically for troubled skin. I start with removing my makeup and cleaning my skin with their cleansing gel followed by a toner/conditioner and finishing with moisturizer.

Here are my before pictures so you can see what we have to work with. I am quite excited to show you after pictures in few months! 🙂 I have some breakouts, blackheads and a lot of scarring we need to take care of.

It takes a lot of work and dedication and I am super excited about it!

Some pimples, old scaring, new scarring, blackheads or with other words – lot’s of work! 😀

Once my skin is ready, we will proceed to the actual fruit acid treatment followed by a scar treatment. I have a lot of scarring already, and I haven’t done much about it, which is super irresponsible, so I am also very excited to put some attention that issue as well.

That’s it for now! I would do a review of the Nimue products after 21 days and update you on my situation. I hope you enjoyed this entry and follow me on my acne journey! I am really excited about it and would love to share the results with you :).

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Veroniccas Aalborg-blog: My five favourite Coffee Shops in Aalborg

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Hey there, thanks for stopping by 🙂

How are you holding up in these cold January days?

Winter has never been my favourite season, and I really can’t stand the cold, but there is nothing more “hyggeligt” than a cup of hot coffee at a cozy café while Winter is going crazy outside 🙂

Today I would like to share five of my favourite coffee spots in Aalborg! There are plenty of coffee shops all with different moods, menus and so on, so you can definitely find something for your particular needs :).

Sharing just five is kind of hard actually as I have so many favourites 😀

Most of my choices are kind of obvious, but you just can’t skip them!

Let’s cut to the chase and count them down 🙂 (the list is in a random order)

Behag Din Smag

What I absolutely love about this café is the obvious love and appreciation for coffee, the owners and team working there have. You can definitely feel you are in good hands there!

The baristas are so well educated, and not only that they are capable of pulling off magnificent latte art, can also tell you a lot about the coffee they are serving and the techniques they use to prepare it.

As a stay at home barista, I am quite passionate about coffee and coffee preparation, so the fact that you can meet true enthusiasts there and have coffee talks is something I really appreciate.


I have mentioned it before, and my opinion hasn’t really changed. This café remains one of my faves in town and this is based on their menu, interior and extremely lovely people working there.

The interior and atmosphere are so chilled you can truly recharge. That’s the main reason why I visit them. There is something about the huge windows and industrial chic interior that really relaxes me and makes me feel good.

Koch’s Kaffebar’

At first, I was pretty sceptical about this café as “koch” means something not that cozy in my language :D.
 Once I tried it I realised this café is the definition of cozy! Sometimes it can get a bit crowded in there, but if you manage to catch a less busy day, you are in for a treat!

They definitely know how to make a good cup of coffee and have some delicious cakes but what I really think makes it so special is the location and interior.

It’s based in the heart of Aalborg in the super busy, hectic shopping street. There is something so cozy about taking a break from all the madness and just cuddling up with a cup of coffee by the window while still observing all the busy, busy bees outside.

We Feat

These guys are pretty new to Aalborg but already won my heart. It’s the only place in town (that I know of) that serves matcha tea and matcha latte! Finally, someone brought matcha to town. 
Besides this, the interior is super New York-ish, so if you are into the minimalistic, raw interior, this is definitely something you must check.

The people who run the whole show are truly inspiring with their brave “first mover” attitude and are genuine coffee enthusiasts. In general, it’s just a really, really lovely place to hang out.

Café Ministeriet

I am not the most objective source when it comes to Ministeriet as I worked there for two years and I love the place for many more reasons besides the kick-ass coffee and brunch they make.

But In my most genuine opinion, I can say that this is the café in town that has the best kitchen.
The food is really so much worth it.

When I started working there I wasn’t a vegetarian yet, so I took advantage of my employment benefits and tried everything on the menu, and it’s really so many amazing dishes prepared with so much passion and love.

One of the things that I really love about the food there is that I know it’s prepared by true enthusiasts and really talented chefs.

That was it with my list! What are your favourite coffee spots in town?

Have a great week and stay warm!

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Veroniccas Aalborg-blog: My shopping hot-spots

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I love shopping in town, there are so many shopping opportunities in Aalborg. For me it’s very important what vibe and atmosphere the shop has, as it just adds so much to the experience.

Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite shopping spots outside the big shopping centers.

The ones where I have always had great shopping experience at and got my needs covered. If you are going for a day of shopping, definitely worth checking these out!

Moss Copenhagen

The physical shop of Moss Copenhagen is just gorgeous! I love this place. They have a great vibe in the store and the interior design is really beautiful. A raw, minimalistic, urban look that really fits the clothing line. Most of the pieces are way out of my budget, but I love getting inspiration from there.

You can get everything you need if you are going for the scandinavian minimalistic look. You can literally shop every outfit piece, lingerie, outerwear, jewellery, shoes… They have it all.

Moss Copenhagen
Algade 14

Huset Pico

Another favourite fashion store is Huset Pico.

I discovered it quite recently actually as I didn’t know what kind of clothing they offered, and I was left with the impression it was targeted to an older audience. Oh, I was so wrong. They have so many gorgeous pieces.

The shop itself looks really chic and the staff are very well educated when it comes to all the brands and you can easily talk fashion and get advice. I really like this place. It has beautiful designer pieces you can’t find anywhere else in town!

Huset Pico
Slotsgade 2


This one is not fashion related, but have you tried Helsam before? They opened not so long ago and introduced so many new interesting, organic brands to town (or at least to me 😀 ).

I love essential oils and there are so many ways you can use them. Helsam has a great oil selection and it’s all organic. I also get my Goji Berries from there. In general they have a great selection of organic products, really worth checking out if you haven’t!

Boulevarden 14


Almost all of my accessories and jewellery are from Glitter. I really love this place. Great pieces and perfect if you are on a budget! They change their collections constantly so you get introduced to new pieces all the time that go with the current trends. You can get anything for an everyday look or a glam event.

Another thing I really like about this store, is their monthly, free of charge magazine. It’s pretty good. They have some smart tips and tricks, but mainly I use it to read some Danish and look at pretty pictures.

Algade 4

Kalejdoskop & Sinnerup

When it comes to interior and home decor, my all time favorite has to be Kalejdoskop, but now that Sinnerup opened I would say it’s both. I am really no home maker, and I don’t even try. But I love looking at beautiful set ups and I really appreciate Scandinavian minimalism in interior design. Those two stores have the most beautiful minimalistic set ups I have ever seen.

Østerågade 27

Nytorv 18

Hope you enjoyed this short article. Talk to you later and happy shopping!

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Veroniccas Aalborg blog: It’s already Christmas here

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Aalborg takes Christmas very seriously!

All shops do amazing job decorating and the streets are just fired with Christmas spirit. But my favourite has to be the Julemarket. It’s THE place to get a sugar overdose, get a little tipsy and do some Christmas shopping.


All the small shops and decorations create such a cozy atmosphere, it’s delightful. On the opening day I spent a few hours there, just checking out the stands and drinking one too many cups of delicious Glögg at the Julecafe. It’s packed with people there and the mood is great.

This year most of the stands work with Mobile Pay, which makes it so much easier to pay.



My favourites would have to be the Roasted Almonds, Dutch Cheese and Belgian Chocolate stands. I can live on these roasted almonds and the cheese selection is great!





The true Christmas magic comes in the evening though. The only word it can be described as is magical. The scenery is so beautiful in the evening, with the smell of roasted almonds in the air, sound of Christmas songs and gorgeous light decoration.



I love how seriously Aalborg takes this holiday and the great effort that is put into turning the city into a Christmas fairytale.

The cold weather doesn’t seem to stop anyone from enjoying the beautiful decorations and Christmas mood. Make sure to stop by the Christmas Market and get a romantic ride on the Ferris Wheel :).


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